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12-Year Exterior Guarantee

Contour Painting 12-year Exterior Guarantee LogoContour Painting offers a 12-Year Guarantee on exterior paint jobs. We guarantee that there will be no cracking or peeling of paint on all wood and stucco within 12 years. If this occurs, we will repair, color match and repaint the area. This guarantee is transferrable to new owners as long as Contour Painting is notified within 60 days of the transfer of ownership. This a great selling point if you’re looking to sell your property.

This guarantee covers touch-up work. It applies when:
  • Original job is paid in full
  • Contour Painting painted the affected area
  • Contour Painting supplied the material
This guarantee does not apply when:
  • The area has moisture present from behind the surface (caused by a leaking roof or similar circumstance)
  • Another contractor/worker has performed work over the affected area
  • The surface is made of or contains galvanized metal.
  • Peeling and/or cracking is caused by:
    • Abrasion, mechanical damage, abrasive cleaning, abuse, or damage resulting from use of chemicals or cleaning agents or exposure to harmful solids, liquids or gases.
    • Damage or defects caused in whole or in part by reason of fire, explosion, flood, acts of God, extreme weather conditions, misuse, alterations, abuse, vandalism, negligence, or any other similar causes beyond the control of Contour Painting.

Repairs under this limited guarantee will be performed only on the specific areas where peeling, blistering or chipping has occurred. This limited guarantee is the only express warranty made by the Contour Painting, Inc. and is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied. This guarantee covers only those services provided by Contour Painting, Inc. In no event shall Contour Painting, Inc. be liable for incidental or consequential damages or damages in excess of the original contract price.