Contour Painting - painted living room


Robert Carson, Contour Painting, Inc. Co-founder & CEO, started working as a painting contractor in the early 1980s to support is young family. He wasn’t rich but that didn’t matter to him. He was able to make a decent living and have a flexible schedule that allowed him to coach his children’s’ soccer teams, attend their school events and take family vacations.  He spent three decades learning, growing and perfecting his skill while also focusing on his family. He was a one-man-show, from giving estimates to climbing the ladder and painting to invoicing customers – Robert did it all. He was fortunate enough to never have to pay for advertising because he built a reputable business with loyal customers who were always willing to give him referrals.

As his children grew up, went off to college and started their own families, he knew there was something more for him in the future. One day Robert started listening to audible books on his headphones while he worked. He listened to business books, inspirational books and books focused on finding happiness. What started as entertainment became inspiration. He sought a business coach to help him organize his thoughts and ideas. He decided it was time to grow his one-man-show to a larger business, thus Contour Painting was born.

Although Robert recognized the need for personal financial security, his motivation for starting Contour Painting was not merely financial. He wanted to connect and help others grow through experiences and self-achievement, which were his core values in life. His painting expertise and business knowledge became the perfect vehicles to deliver this type of environment to his employees. He knew that by building his business based on culture and values he could deliver better service and quality to his customers. Click here to learn more about Contour Painting, Inc.’s Step-Up Program designed to give employees a professional development path.

As Robert developed plans for Contour Painting, he knew he couldn’t do it alone. He brought on Amanda Horner as Vice President. Amanda’s background was in corporate marketing, sales, and training and she, like Robert, had an entrepreneurial spirit and appreciation for businesses built on values. As Contour Painting is still in its early stages, Robert and Amanda are confident that they can continue to develop, expand and grow the business while remaining true to their mission.