Contour Painting - painted living room

Who We Are

Contour Painting, Inc.’s corporate headquarters is located in Oceanside, Calif. We are committed to offering high-quality painting services customized to property investors and managers.

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Become the leading painting service for real estate investors, property managers and business owners in Southern California by building a culture around prospering our people.


Provide painting services customized to real estate investors through highly efficient systems designed to maximize our clients’ property investment allowing them to rent, sell or increase the value of their property in a short amount of time.

Core Values

  1. Be Honest
  2. Be Passionate
  3. Have Fun Anywhere
  4. Nurture Others
  5. Embrace Education
  6. Be Respectful
  7. Be Humble
  8. Unite With Others
  9. Have Patience
  10. Make Mistakes & Learn


Our culture at Contour Painting, Inc. is still developing. It is whatever our owners and employees collectively make it. However, we do believe that our ten core values shape the culture. We believe in teaching and training our employees to become more skilled, self-confident and well-rounded individuals at work and in their personal life. We strive to create a culture built around family, connecting with others and having fun.

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