Contour Painting - Paint color swatches and paintbrush


Paint Brand & Color Selection

We use a variety of high-quality paint brands including BEHR Marquee, Sherwin-Williams and Dunn-Edwards. We are happy to recommend a brand for your project or use a brand of your preference. Because we use name-brand paints, you can simply go into your local paint or home improvement store and select your color in advance, if you desire.

Rental Property Interiors

We know that time and money is of the essence when turning your property around between tenants. For that reason, we’ve done the research for you and we recommend using Eggshell on walls in all areas except baths, kitchen, laundry room and doors. This “paint plus primer” product offers consistent sheen that is washable and easy to touch-up. In the baths, kitchen, laundry room and doors we use a semi-gloss. This is an alkyd hybrid (oil-base/water clean-up) which gives the benefit of durability, adhesion and opaqueness.

Color Matching

If you have a paint sample such as a piece of drywall or cabinet door and you’re unaware of the paint color or brand, our vendors can electronically match it and produce the color for you.

Paint Color Profile Card

Every color batch that is mixed is given a mix number. Depending on the brand of paint selected, most retail painting and home improvement stores, such as Home Depot, keep an electronic record of the batch number. Contour Painting will file this number and an actual dry sample of the color in our file system. We will also send you a copy of this number and a dry sample for your records as part of our color profiling service.