Contour Painting - Painter painting blue wall with roller

Frequently Asked Questions

What brand of paint is the best?

All major brands have lines of paint from least expensive interior acoustic ceiling paint to most expensive for exterior use. The higher ends of the different brands are very good overall and you probably couldn’t go wrong with a major brand.

Some customers have their preferred brand which we’re happy to use or we can suggest a brand that will work best for your project.

Is my liability exposed if there is an accident when I have my house painted?

Not when you use Contour Painting, Inc.  We use California’s guidelines for Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Upon completion of the contract for painting, we will have our insurance company issue you a Certificate of Worker’s Compensation to you.  This is a standard procedure for licensed contractors, and you should not hesitate to ask for it on any contracted project for your home.

Contour Painting also carries a million dollar general liability insurance policy.

What is a ‘Bonded’ contractor?

If your contractor abandons your project and has bills due for materials, the supplier of paints or other building materials can seek to be paid by the owner of the property.  A bond paid by the contractor covers cost of the materials in the case of contractor abandonment.

Are your workers legal residents?

Our assumption is that a person that has a legal SSN is legal.  All our workers have taxes deducted as per law.  If we find out that the SSN is not valid, then that worker will be released form Contour Painting.

What is your safety record?

For 30 years Carson Painting (which is now Contour Painting) has had no major injury (no doctors’ visits).

What do you do for bathroom facilities?

Contour Painting, Inc. usually requests the use of the owner’s facilities. In some cases (exterior painting) the owner is not home and wants to keep the house locked. If that is the case, Contour Painting employees will use public facilities in the area.