Contour Painting - Paint color swatches and paintbrush

Color Profiling

At Contour Painting we believe in delivering full service to our customers from prepping your property to leaving you with the resources to maintain it. Part of our service is sending you a paint color profile card after the job is complete.

The profile card will include the batch mix number and an actual dry sample of the color. Whenever you run into the situation where you need to touch up a wall and you have no paint available, you can take the card into your local paint or home improvement store. If you return to the store or retail chain where the batch was mixed, such as Home Depot, they will be able to match the mix number. If you are unable to access the original store, most paint and home improvement stores can electronically match the dry sample without the mix number.

Contour Painting Color Profile Card
Contour Painting Color Profile Card

If you ever misplace your profile card, Contour Painting keeps a back-up file of the mix number and dry sample. Please feel free to call us anytime to access the information.