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Special Offers

$39 Invisible Drywall Repair

Let us use our expert skills to patch your drywall at an unbeatable price. For $39, we will patch, professionally texture and prime a 4-inch (diameter) or smaller hole. Have multiple holes to repair? No problem, it’s only $10 for each additional hole. If you have holes larger than 4 inches in diameter, we’re happy to give you an estimate.

Restore Your Door for $99 or Less! Security Screen Door Special

It is amazing how a small improvement can make such a huge impact. Restore your security screen door. Call us today, this is a limited time offer!

Rental Property Warranty

At Contour Painting, we know that tenants don’t always stay as long as you’d like. Since there are typically extra expenses for turning the property around for the next tenant, we want to take some of the burden off of you as the property owner or manager.

The Rental Property Warranty offers a free “touch-up” job including filling small nail holes and painting marks on properties where the tenant has occupied the residence for 12 months or less and the original job performed by Contour Painting was within 14 months.

We will cover any normal amount of holes, scuffs and marks on walls, doors and cabinets.

If there is abnormal tenant damage, we will photo document evidence of this damage and send you an estimate of the cost to repair.  We will also provide you with an invoice that can be used to substantiate your charge to the tenant’s deposit.